Back to School!

Good morning, my dreamers! The summer holiday is over, or nearly almost over, the autumn is starting to come, and the nostalgia kicks in. The nostalgia of the summer days, the nostalgia of the first day of school. I still remember the first days of school, the emotions of meeting again my colleaugues, the butterflies in my stomach when I spotted him, the smell of … Continue reading Back to School!

Brussels – Photodiary

Going through 1000 (plus) photos and deciding which ones are the most iconic to be put on the blog and which ones can show the colorful life of Brussels, isn’t an easy decision (and for a undecisive person like me the process becomes even harder). But, altough I faced such  serious(?!) problems I managed to gather a bunch of photos and to create this fresh … Continue reading Brussels – Photodiary

The After Holiday Effect

I am standing in front of my laptop,trying to write the first post after an absence of 2 weeks,but the bitter-sweet feeling of nostalgia doesn’t let my creativity run free.And my creativity should be recharged and ready for action since I’ve been on holiday and I’ve seen fairytale places.These places,which you’ll see on the blog,actually will start annoy you at some point,because I really want … Continue reading The After Holiday Effect