Who is The Medici Girl ?

” The pessimist complains about the wind . The optimist expects it to change . The realist adjust the sails ” ( William  A. Ward ) . I think this quote can say more about this dream of mine , this blog , more than I can .

I am a Med student , who , in the context of the quote and realising her own dream : having a fashion blog   , finds herself located between optimist and realism . I’ve considered best to name my blog The Medici Girl for two reasons . The most obvious one is that I study Medicine , and the other because I think of fashion as a way of investing in some sort of art , as the Medicis did to art during Renaissance . Also with this powerful family in mind , I hope to change my face and the face of this new blog as they did with their name and the beauty of Florence .

As for my style , I must admit I am full of surprises , altough , I always wear items that make you think of a specific period in history . I also think that clothes don’t make you who you are, it’s the other way round . You decide who you want to be before you pick out your clothes in the morning . The clothes you wear are rather a guidline to your personality and they should enhance the beauty that lies inside , rather than be just shallow companions to an empty soul  .

I must also add the fact that I believe that only the things done with passion can become  real succes . Leaving tiny pieces of our souls in the work that we create , builds the patway to achieving our  dreams and touching the existance of others .

With  two purposes in mind  , I’ll  try , for the third time ,  to bring to you a world of diversity : fashion , travel , Med life tips , book and series recommandations . With high hopes but rather realistic thoughts I hope this blog will grow as Florence did .

Love ,

medici - Copieiy


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