Rome- A traveller’s guide Intro


I blame the sun for making me postpone this series of posts. It was the only element that kept me thinking that the holiday season was still on. And, whenever I looked up at it, I remembered how it led the way for an amazing experience, back in  sunny Italy. But now, this grey weather has stated quite firmly that the holiday season is over. For good.

So, with quite a heavy heart, I’ve decided to share with you an experience that enlightened my very heavy soul, and, which planted the optimism bug in my heart.

Rome…whenever I think of this great city I get overwhelmed…And not only by the huge ammount of culture that can be seen scattered throught the city, but because this city always knew how to stand tall against all odds.

We’ll meet soon, in order to discover the history and this magnificent city.

            Remember to always be an inspiration!

Your favourite doctor,

medici - Copieiy


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