Goodie Basket

We live in a world where image is everything. We, stop paying attention to what’s inside, we preffer to guide our lives by judging a human, rahter by how they look or  what clothes they wear and not by how they act or think. And what’s worse is that we let ourselves be influenced by what others say, rather than thinking for ourselves. Or, if we think that somebody is quite cool while others think they’re not , we act in order to support the group rather than make a difference.

Defying what I just said, I’ve decided to present you a bunch of products which will help you look much more beautiful, but most important, healthier. Because in a very funny and peculiar way, when you look good you feel good (by boosting up your confidence).

beautytalk91.Bioderma Micellar Solution

Well, I’m starting whith a product good for your skin. It’s no wonder that everybody raves about this product! It’s amazing, well it takes your make-up off in seconds, and for all of you who are always on the run this is a product you should try! And for the trial choose the travel size(in this way you can see if the products is perfect for you t whitout wasting a lot of money)

beauty talk 6

2.Night Reconstructive Cream with Argan oil by Cosmetic plant

It’s crazy how many products containing Argan oil are right now on the market! Surprisingly they are actually very effective(I’ve tried three products containing Argan oil and I was amazed by the results!). You might wonder why a twenty year old would need a night cream. Well, because she uses an (amazing) face cleaner(L’oreal Sublime Fresh seen here) which dries her skin and needs a night cream to hydrate it. Amazingly the pair has been working miracles on my skin, which looks healtier! So, if you need a really good hydrating cream, this is the one you should try on!

beauty talk 8

 3.Rimmel London Wonderful Mascara with Argan Oil

Well, this is another product containing Argan oil that I’ve tried and I’ve been impresed by the results. I was intrigued that it contained the miracle ingredient, so that’s why I bought it. It’s a far better mascara than the previous one I’ve had, but when I think of repurchashing it,  I become torn betweeen this one and Maybelline’s One by One. All in all I think is a good mascara, it has a really nice brush(because, you already know how important the brush is for a mascara)

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