Autumn Haul

Hello, my dreamers! Autumn is starting to settle in, the temperatures droped quite exageratly in just a couple of days. But, I think that the scariest sign that the summer and, also, holiday are fading is that Uni is about to begin. With just a couple of days of enjoying my hometown and lazy days, I managed to overcome the laziness germ and to (finally) compose this post.

As I already stated in the title, this post is going to be a fashion haul featuring autumn pieces which I bought while I was away, in a country where autumn never ends. What shocked me out there is that the sales are really sales and you can really buy quality pieces at reasonable prices. Also, I must confess that out there I’ve fallen in love with C&A, a brand sooo amazing, with stores where I made the best deals in my life! But, enough with the talking! Let the photos speak for themselves!

 belgian fashion haulOooops, I  did it again! Too many bags! I still don’t know how this pack fitted into my suitcaise.(and that’s not all I bought)

waterloo6Because sportswear  isn’t meant to look less elegant.

belgian fashion haul2

A trenchcoat is the item that, I think is  of significant importance either for autumn or spring. It can bring elegance to any outfit.  This one, is from Camaieu, and I was amazed by how soft the fabric is. Is one of the pieces that I am proud that I bought, since it was on sales.

belgian fashion haul 3

This black skirt is from C&A, and it was, also, in sales. The reason I love it is because it’s a classic piece which has a bit of edge. I think it will mix amazing with my style, and, even more, with some of the lovely T-shirts I own.belgian fashion haul 7

I must confess that I am in love with shirts, mainly because they are that kind of item that is so,soooo versatile. I found this one in Camaieu and I’ve fallen in love with it because it’s classic and it’s inspired by menswear.belgian fashion haul 4Recognize this shirt? You’ve already seen it here, and as you may already know is from C&A. It’s a back to school classic item, and is one of those shirts that I ticked off my whish-list. Aslo, it’s really,really good quality.

belgian fashion haul 8This Pull and Bear shirt is a bit too oversized for me, yes, I’ve worn it, unfortunatly I didn’t make any photos with it on, but I hope I’ll manage to do that. Altough is oversized(well I found it in sales) is very good quality, and who doesn’t need a comfy shirt as a cure for a bad day?

belgian fashion haul 9As for accesories, here are two statement necklaces. I think here I said that this items are the perfect ones to brighten up any look. This royal blue one is from New Look, and sits on a Camaieu jacket which I will feature in a post.

belgian fashion haul 5  This C&A necklace was bought along with the tartan shirt. What I love about it is that it resonates with my style (about which you can find out here). I am in love with this celtic pattern!

belgian fashion haul 1Rubens might not be my favourite painter, but I still bought this bag from the museum shop which was located in front of his house, in Antwerpen. It’s amazing for library trips, or shopping, and I love it because it states my love for Art.

belgian fashion haul coThe whole bunch stacked toghether! With Company magazine just on top. I discovered it while I was away, and it’s such an amazing little thing! The great thing about it is that features bloggers in it and is just another little reason to make me love UK even more!

Please, tell me how your holiday shopping went on, and never froget that the beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside!

Your favourite doctor,

medici - Copieiy


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