The summer holiday is living its last (glorious) days… The weather has become chillier and, now, you can’t get out of the house without a cardigan or a jacket. And I remember those days in summer when I felt blessed to have a trench on, and to be away from the very high temepratures of my home country. That kind of cold was, in the most strange way ever, warm. So, in memory of the days when cold was actually warm I’ve gathered a bunch of photos which I believe are quite iconic for a country where, sometimes, cold feels rather warm and nice.

highlights1And since I’ve stated that the holiday isn’t (just) away, how about taking a train in any direction to end the summer with a proper adventure? Here’s Antwerpen’s Railway Station- one of the most beautiful railway station I’ve ever been to.


I am not that religious, but in the  strangest way this photo from Antwerpen’s cathedral is the one I love the most from all I’ve taken.

highlights3You may think that these lanterns are regular ones, but the story behind them is quite extraordinary. Set just outside Ghent’s old fort, they became a symbol of life transforming a place where death regined in a place where life wins. These pair are connected to all the Maternity houses in Ghent, and each time a baby is born they slightly lit up. Unfourtunatly, I didn’t managed to see any of these magical moments.

highlights4Maybe this little fellow doesn’t catch many eyes, but it definetly caught mine. I found him in Bruxelles City Hall. And, since life is a series of battles I think he captures  this exact idea.

highlights5 The flower carpet, Brussels 2014. A place which  reminded me of what Anne Frank once wrote in her diary: “Think of all the beauty left behind you and be happy.”highlights6This year I had a soft spot for window shops and ailsles. That’s Leuven’s cathedral aisle, and I throw it in this bunch because, something funny& actually quite silly happened here the first time I wnet here. I won’t tell you the story, because I think that some parts of vacantions should be left to remember only by the ones who took part in it.

Remember that the beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside!

Your favourite doctor,

medici - Copieiy


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