Back to School!

Good morning, my dreamers! The summer holiday is over, or nearly almost over, the autumn is starting to come, and the nostalgia kicks in. The nostalgia of the summer days, the nostalgia of the first day of school. I still remember the first days of school, the emotions of meeting again my colleaugues, the butterflies in my stomach when I spotted him, the smell of the new schoolbooks, the sound of my new shoes on the school corridors.

The first day of school is always full of emotion, for everybody from students, to teachers and parents. The smell of novelty mixes with the one of fresh flowers, and the smiles mix with the anxiety hidden in every soul. Since this fisrt day of school is another beggining, you should look good, feel confident and think that all your career dreams will come true one day.

To mark the first day of school I tried to pull out a back to school outfit. And what more says school than  tartan, shirts, bowties, black skirts and sneakers. I am also glad that I’ve got great friends ( which I made during high-school) who made the photos you’ll see below.

So, have an amazing schoolyear! May your every dream become a purpose: I hope you’ll get great grades, but more important I hope you’ll enjoy learning and why not catch the eye of that special person.


backtoschoolback2schooșback2school4backtoschool3back2chool5back2 school6I know the bowtie isn’t positioned quite right, but I loved the colours! And who can be that perfect when they wake up too early in the morning?

Shirt- C&A

Skirt- H&M

Bowtie- MeliMelo

Bag- H&M

The beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside!

   Your favourite doctor,

medici - Copieiy

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