Waterloo’s Lions

We all fight battles, maybe not daily, but from time to time we find ourselfes in this no escape situations. The urge to win becomes vital and we need to transform into field generals. And in this role we engage the best of our resources. But, there are times when even the best prepared general fails. So, what should be done in this situation? Accept defeat? Engage the remaining resources into another battle? Seek alliance?

If we would like to take the example of the greatest general of all time- Napoleon Bonaparte, I don’t think we would win. Napoleon, by refusing defeat and isolation and by taking impulsive decisions was defeated on the 18th June 1815, at the battle of Waterloo.

I am really glad I’ve visited the fields just 11 months before the commemoration of 100 years from the battle (apparently I can’t visit a place when something really interesting happens). Here are some thoughts I’ve jotted down the same day I’ve visited Waterloo and of course just a tiny pinch of fashion.waterloo3Some farms(which you can observe in the distance), some fields, and an artificial hill, that’s what you’ll find in Waterloo. But here the time seems to have stood still, and from the top of the artificial hill you can look at the battle fields and almost hear the horses, the shouts, the guns. The smell of gunpowder might have been blown away by the years that have passed around this place.

waterloo1waterloo2Getting up to the top of the artificial hill might be hard and tiering, but it reminds you an important life lesson: In order to see beauty and feel free you need to work hard.


Never forget that the beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside! And be a winner every day of your life!


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