(In) Bruges

Bruges, or Brugge how the locals preffer to call it, is a small city located in the north-western of Belgium. It’s about an hour train ride away from Brussels, and a compulsory visit while in Belgium.

There are no words (even for me) to describe how the city is, how it looks like, but I can tell you it’s the only place where I’ve ditched my plans of visiting museums and I’ve decided to ramble around the streets, in spite of the characteristic Belgian dose(s) of heavy rain.

I think I’d better bring some photos to the post, not before telling you that this amazing city was the set of a movie- In Bruges(starring Collin Farrell and Ralph Finnes) and of a TV series- The White Queen.

bruges1Garre de Nord, Brussels- the place you can take a train in the four directions of the wind. The place where to start the most confortable discovery of Belgium ( and not only!)

bruges8Bruges amazes as soon as you enter the old city, the river, the red brick houses will give you the impression you’ve travelled back in time to a fairytale time.


bruges9Does this courtyard look familiar? I bet that it does (at least for the fans of the series The White Queen! ) Yes, here was one of the sets, in the courtyard of the Belfry!


 And here’s my White Queen moment. I can’t tell you how excited I was to return here, after the series were filmed. As strange as it may sound, I think I’ve first visited this place short time before filming for the series begun.


The Belfry tower, seen from the central square.

bruges11Boat ride?! It wasn’t all I wanted, but with the help of it I managed to see some undiscovered places of Bruges, which I promised I would visit next time.

bruges6“The most photograped dog in western Europe.” That’s also one of the hidden treasures of Bruges unveiled only on a boat trip.

bruges12Don’t leave Bruges without tasting a glass of beer at a local which has 1130 sorts of beer(I think all belgian). This is a glass of white beer, delicious!

bruges4Enjoying that glass!

bruges 2From beer and acting like a tomboy to window shops(apparently I had a relationship with them this holiday), creativity, and fashion. This scrissors can be easily worn as a fun, out of the ordinary accesory. Don’t you think?

I almost forgot to tell you about the Basilica of The Holy Blood which hosts the only sculpture of Michelangelo to leave Italy during his life. Unfotunatly, I found out about it a little to late to go and visit it. But, next time I’m in Bruges that’s the first place I’ll go!

Have a great September! Remember that the beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside! And that I will return with another post in which I’ll help you discover Belgium.

Love and kisses,medici - Copieiy


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