Brussels – Photodiary

Going through 1000 (plus) photos and deciding which ones are the most iconic to be put on the blog and which ones can show the colorful life of Brussels, isn’t an easy decision (and for a undecisive person like me the process becomes even harder).

But, altough I faced such  serious(?!) problems I managed to gather a bunch of photos and to create this fresh post for you . And, believe me, this is the first photo diary I’ve ever made. I really hope you’ll enjoy the photos and even the information about them. I also hope that I moved a thing inside of you and you’ll decide visiting Belgium on your next holiday !

prFor all the fans of royalty ( and not only ) a stop at the Royal Palace is a must. Plus it won’t cost you a euro to visit it !

gp2champagneGrand Place is THE must visit while you’re in Brussels . Advice: look even in the windows of the shops which are amazing like this champagne shop window ! Bottoms up !

gp1chapelHave I told you that I am in love with Gothic style (it’s sooo elegant!) Here is the church Notre Dame de Chapel – my favourite church I’ve visited in Brussels !

nddcThis is the interior of the church I’ve mentioned. It was the perfect place to hide from the (quite) hot weather from outside. Plus, the stained glass windows are soo breathtaking !

cinqStop at Cinquantenaire! Visit the park, and Auto World the most amazing museum which portrays the history of the Automobile by exposing real cars.

sablon1sablonAre you an antique junkie ? Well, the neighbourhood of Sablon will be your cup of tea ! It’s a refreshing place to visit after days spent indoors(in the museums). I love this part of Brussels because it has that London feel.

selfie in the cathedralA tired me made a selfie in a cathedral.(I think it was the Royal chapel) I must confess that however tiering  visiting Brussels might be , it still leaves you the energy for a smile .

P.S. This isn’t the only post about Brussels, another,very special will be posted on the blog soon enough ( the boredom has begun!) . See you soon, at another attempt to disocover Belgium. Never forget that the beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside.

Love and kisses ,

medici - Copieiy


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