Brussels – Day One

A girl is sitting on a bench and reading a magazine not paying attention to the panorama of Brussels that is showing up in front of her.The weather is sunny,but a mighty wind is blowing away the pages of the magazine and the red strains of hair of the reader.Inspired by the Old Masters of painting and by what she is reading her mind wanders away,somewhere where fashion meets art and where art becomes fashion.

In a nutshell,that was the perfect ending of my first day walking in Brussels.That day I made a ton of memories,I’ve seen a lot of places(from the Royal Palace to Grand Place, the Central Station,to the Old Masters Museum to the Law Courts,stopping to take some breaths in breath-taking cathedrals and parks along the way).

At the Old Masters Museum I learnt that the mind needs to be fed in order to produce creative thoughts,but I’ve also seen my favourite pieces of art from the whole trip.(more about that in a post dedicsted to the museums 🙂 ).

I have a thousand thoughts that I want to share with you about that day,but,I’d rather return to fashion.I wore a very simple outfit which came alive with the help with a statement necklace,my glasses(yeah,I am shortsighted ) and the amazing coral lipstick from Rimmel London.With the help of the two acesories and the lipstick I managed to have four different looks,all worn in one day!

Sweater-Stradivarius (unfortunatly lost )












A great day which ended with a convertable ride !


Don’t forget that the beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside!And that I will be back with a new post about lovely Belgium soon enough!

Love and kisses,

medici - Copieiy

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