The After Holiday Effect

I am standing in front of my laptop,trying to write the first post after an absence of 2 weeks,but the bitter-sweet feeling of nostalgia doesn’t let my creativity run free.And my creativity should be recharged and ready for action since I’ve been on holiday and I’ve seen fairytale places.These places,which you’ll see on the blog,actually will start annoy you at some point,because I really want to share with you breathtaking holiday destinations.

What might sound shocking is that most of them are located in Belgium,a country you may think it has nothing to offer,but you couldn’t be more wrong! Besides being the heart of the European Union, Belgium gave to the world amazing people:Vesalius,Jan van Eyck,Peter Paul Rubens.Also,Belgium may be considered the sexiest country in the world since the productions of lace and chocolate put it on the map.And,I don’t have to forget the delicious beer produced here.

Although,the weather might be capricous,Belgium is the country to visit,because,it might be a small country,but it has everything,and it’s the headquarters not only of lace,chocolate and beer production but of the EU.

The next posts will present,the amazing Belgium! Stay tuned for an avalanche of information about a truly great country !

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