Airplane stops

This post is for everybody who is travelling abroad , (or not ) this summer . It’s for the ones who have to endure long trips with the train , airplane or car . In order to feel comfortable , waiting to get to the first location of your trip I’ll help you with some  pieces of advice regarding your outfit for that awful day .

I stated it before , but once more won’t be so harmful : choose comfort ! Don’t try to look dashing on your first day ! There will come a time for that too ! For me , a comfortable outfit is composed of a pair of pants ( I’d choose a long pair  for an airplane ride because of the air conditioning and a short pair for a train/car ride and denim seems to be the perfect fashionable fabric for a comfortable pair of pants ) , a cotton T-shirt ,  a pair of flats ( I preffer the loafers , but a pair of sneakers  or even of sandals could do as well ) and an oversized bag .

Talking about accesories , forget about the statement necklaces for one day and choose just a pair of earrings , a watch and the sunglasses . If you still want to stand out , why not use a scarf  ( especially if you are travelling by plane )a hair piece or a hat ?

In my opinion ,  a great travelling outfit has to be composed by dark colours ( I also love them but that’s not the point ) . Choosing dark colours helps  you avoid the stains ( that may occur )  to be seen easily .

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If you want to find out where I’ll go this summer , and even more check out my Instagram account : @themedicigirl .(

That’s all for now , see you next time and never forget : The beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside !

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