Oh , my God ! It’s THAT time of the year again ! The time when a smell of freedom fills the air , the time when I’m fidgeting , tiressly packing and reading about the places I am about to visit .

The challange , this year is the flexible programme , I mean , I know where I’ll go , but I don’t know when , and that’s why it’s sure that my suitcaise will be turned upside down each morning (if I’ll see my suitcaise at the airport on arrival ) . And that’s not the only challange , the other , which I hope I’ve overcome is the constantly changing weather of the country I’m about to visit . The solution came from England , because there people use layers of clothes , and in this way they are prepared for any kind of weather . Maybe because of the layering my suitcase might become too crowded .

So , what are the  key items to  take with me in a country with a changing weather ?  Besides the camera and the make-up bag , I’ll take :

  • comfortable shoes – the paramount item for any museum junkie
  • cardigans – the key items for creating the layered look
  • shirts – because they bring sophistication and elegance to every outfit
  • statement necklaces – the solution to feel (and look ) like a superstar
  •  books – to complement the long train rides that will come








 Don’t forget , not even when you’re travelling that : The beauty from the inside will always reflect on the outside !




medici - Copieiy



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