” All the world’s a stage,/ And all the men and women merely players. ” wrote William Shakespeare in “As you like it ” . We all play , daily  , different roles , and , in our relationships we are different people . It seems that Shakespeare has captured the whole humanity in one single phrase or , at least , my ideas about what I think about  being human means .

And it’s not all resumed to relationships , I think that we create characters every single morning  standing in front of our wardrobes deciding what to wear ,  looking  in the mirror  and perfecting our faces , picking in a rush our shoes , accesories , combing our hair and deciding giving our head a twist for the day . In each case we choose , conciously ( or not ) what part of our comlpex souls we show that day .

And the role of clothes is to make us create a character daily and convincing  everybody we are that person we created . If you don’t believe me watch any fashion blog , including mine , because I really believe no one is that thoughtless to give themselves to the world on a silver plate . All these being said , I advise you to choose wisely what character you decide to play .

The beauty from inside will always reflect on the outside !

medici - Copieiy

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