Into the Wild

1  3  6 8 11Good morning , my dreamers ! How was your week ? Because my hectic week left colorful strokes on my heart and mind . Surpirsingly it started and ended with a trip to the woods that surround the small city I reside . While the first trip was a slow one the second was a fast ,  fun one , that kind that inspires you .

Altough I went to the theatre all week due to an amazing theatre festival that happens in my city ( Id Fest ) , I ended up into the wild . Because , there , in the nature , into the wild I feel free , I adore that  ordered chaos .And that’s how it’s the look you can see above  , chaotic but still ordered . I must add that the blouse is my favourite one , not because it’s so simple because it’s green and has a zipper at the back , reminding of a surgeon’s uniform .

Roman sandals _ Deichmann

Sunglasses – H&M

Earrings – H&M

Remember that even with no name items you can create great looks !

Love , 

medici - Copieiy

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